Support for Defender with TimelockController

Hey OpenZeppelin team!
I’m currently using OpenZeppelin Defender/GnosisSafe to perform all type of administrative operations (setting parameters, upgrading contracts).

I’m trying to couple this with the TimeLockController OpenZeppelin contract to add delay before performing any administrative actions.

It would be great if Defender could point to a TimeLockController contract, which will point to the Product Proxy contract.
Unfortunately, this flow today doesn’t seem to be handled via Defender (inability to detect the native function of the Proxy Contract), forcing us to generate the calldata manually for the function to call.

Am I missing anything? Is this feature Defender with TimeLockController planned in a future release?
Thank you!

Hey @fabdarice! We’re actively working on that, it’s going to be the next big feature launched in Admin. @MartinVerzilli is currently working on it. We have an ongoing feature branch for it on our repo :slight_smile:

Screenshot from 2021-06-01 19-42-07

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That’s great to hear! I know those things are always hard to assess, but would you be able to give me a rough ETA on delivery?
Or let me frame it the other way around, do you think this feature could be available by end of the June?


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Hi @fabdarice! Indeed that’s a work in progress. I think it’s feasible that it could be available by end of June, but as you said these things are hard to assess :). Would you be willing to jump on a meeting with us so we can show you the direction we’re aiming at and you provide us with some details around your needs? That would be super valuable input for us!

Hey Martin,

Would be happy to hop on a call to discuss how we were planning on using Defender with a Timelock approach. Feel free to reach out to me at to set up a meeting.

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