Verify Timelocks Deployed by Defender

I am trying to verify the TimelockController deployed by Defender. I was following this ticket but still could not verify the timelock. I am trying to verify this contract on mainnet. I suspect that the forum link I sent might be outdated since the timelock seems to have CANCELER_ROLE on defender and 4.3.1 version did not have it.

Any help on this would be appreciated!

Hi @0x_Taiga -

Apologies for not giving an update on this! We are now using version 4.8.1 of the TimelockController:

Thank you for an update and fore verifying the contract for me!

Now that Defender can verify contracts I think it would be nice if it verified timelocks deployed through it automatically. Otherwise we need to create a separate branch, change package version, flatten the file of the right version, guess the compiler version e.t.c Just seems like Defender can do it all now:)

This is great feedback! Thank you. We are actually working on some upgrades to our deployment capabilities so this could be a part of it.