Some problem when using ERC1155 to mint NFT

  1. according to the ERC721 protocol each NFT contract can mint many nfts, but every nft must have a tokenId, how dose the ERC1155 protocol to express the tokenId usually represent in ERC721 protocol
  2. can NFT express that there are N copies of the same item? For example: I using the ERC1155 minting a NFT that id is 1 , amount is 100 and I set the URI, if I can call this is a nft with number of 100 and all of them are the same and point to the same URI?
    I think the ERC1155 need to distinguish ERC20 and ERC721, because of ERC721 has tokenId and each one has a corresponding owner

Hello @randy_shu

I'm sorry I don't understand you question. Can you rephrase them to be clearer?

I also feel like the answer is likely in the ERC documents that describe ERC721 and ERC1155. Note that these are two very different standards that serves different purposes.

  • ERC20 is for one fungible tokens
  • ERC721 is for a set of NFTs (each token has its own tokendID)
  • ERC1155 is an hydride that supports many tokens fungible tokens (each with its own tokenID).