How to Design ERC721 & ERC20 in ERC1155?

If I have a farm that includes 2 Cats in (ERC721), $50(ERC20) in the beginning.

before upload contract to Chain(pseudo code )


2 Sheep(ERC721) and earn

pseudo code
On-chain code which can not be changed but update through author of contract.


The Question1 is what is the right way to use ERC1155 to extend the Dapp Items, just directly call the _mint() without caring about specific index(id) which given to NFT or FT

The Question2 came from Q1 if NFT and FT use the ids disorderly like this

_mint(index=1, NFT)
_mint(index=2, FT)
_mint(index=3, NFT)

Will this token design be bad for retrieving or fetching data late?

I don't think this token design will be particularly bad for retrieving data later.

It sounds like you need some way to make sure you're not minting "$50" where you had a sheep before. One thing we've done before with ERC1155 is to use a token id format that separates the different kinds of token ids so that for example fungible tokens start with bit "1" and non fungible start with bit "0".

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I thought we use ERC1155 should prevent "id" conflict between FT & NFT. I am not sure the meaning of the bit "1", bit "0" you mentioned. maybe separate 256bit into half. there is an example in The EIP-1155, in order to save and load 'id' through FT 128bit and NFT 128bit which need extra convert function to use them.

I am trying to use 1M as fungible token types starting with 1 to 1,000,000 which is enough to save those types. non-fungible token starting with 1,000,001 to 999999999999....
Do you think is this is a good solution :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: for managing 2 token types for retrieving and scalable data later?
Thank you!

That sounds good! It's similar to what I was proposing. Just define ranges that should be FT or NFT.

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