ERC 1155 vs. ERC 721 for NFT

What are your thoughts on whether to use ERC 721 instead of ERC 1155 in the context of minting a large numbers (10,000+) of non-fungible tokens?

Here is a sample script I'm utilizing to bulk mint ERC 1155:

General google search tends to tell me ERC 1155 is the way to go, so I would particularly be interested to hear the contrarian view from those who use ERC 721.

What are your experiences when it comes to gas cost minting and transferring tokens in bulk? Do you think ERC 721 is simply cleaner ("gold standard") and more straight forward for managing large numbers of nonfungible tokens?

Would love to hear your thoughts!

From my limited experience ERC1155 is more lightweight. ERC721 may be slightly more widely supported.

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Hey frangio - by lightweight do you mean less gas consumption? less features? both?
If any specific examples come to mind I'd love to hear. Thanks in advance.