Questionable Implementation of ERC1155

Hi, guys!

The finished smart contract found on GitHub contains an implementation of the ERC1155 contract. The purpose of the contract is to mint many NFTs at once and then use a front-end to display the NFTs generated. I'm not sure though how to handle metadata of the NFTs that I will mint using this contract by copying it and deploying it on Rinkeby.

Let me explain what my thought-process to generate many NFTs was. I wanted to mint 5 unique NFTs, so I called the function mintBatch as follows:
mintBatch("0xf23s...", [0,1,2,3,4],[1,1,1,1,1])

Awesome, they were created as the transaction went through. Now that I have my NFTs, I want to display them to the user in the front-end. The thing is that I do not know where to give a token URI to each of the NFTs created so that I can access their metadata and display their images to the user in the front-end.

The only function the contract has concerning the uris is the mint() function (but for that I would need to generate the 5 unique NFTs in 5 different transactions, right?) and the function below.

The uri() function from the ERC1155 implementation is not overridden anywhere as well.

So, the question is: is my thought-process right for creating multiple NFTs at once and not having a way to display them to the user, UNLESS I modify the mintBatch() function and also override the uri() function from ERC1155 allowing that to happen?