Shape the future of Defender: community poll ✅

We're constantly improving OpenZeppelin Defender for you. Heading into 2024, your feedback is essential. Tell us which Defender feature will benefit your work the most - your insights are vital for our growth. Thanks for your support and contribution to making Defender better!

What key improvements in OpenZeppelin Defender will most impact your work in 2024?

  • Accelerated deployment – the ability to deploy smart contracts more quickly and efficiently
  • Advanced coding – more accurate Code Inspector rules and larger coverage
  • Comprehensive automation – more robust and integrated automation tools
  • Integrated tooling – enhanced integrations with your development environment
  • Developer experience enhancements – overall improvements in the usability and interface of Defender
  • Custom feature request – share any specific feature you desire by posting below
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We welcome your ideas and feedback – share them with us!


Foundry integration (deploy through relayer, proposals..)