Shape the future of Contracts: community poll ✅

We're dedicated to improving OpenZeppelin Contracts and your input is key. This quick survey aims to understand your experiences and focus areas for enhancement. Your insights are valuable in guiding our efforts. Thanks for contributing to the growth and enhancement of OpenZeppelin Contracts!

What areas of OpenZeppelin Contracts are you most excited to see improvements in?

  • Simpler deployment process – enhancing the ease and efficiency of contract deployment
  • Code management and integration – advancing the simplicity of managing and integrating contract code within projects
  • Bolstering security – strengthening contract security and addressing vulnerabilities
  • Enhancing gas consumption and performance – improving contract performance at the expense of developer experience tradeoffs
  • Audit-readiness of codebase – preparing and ensuring the codebase is secure and compliant for audits
  • Upgrade permissions/access control – improving the management of permissions and access control in contract upgrades
  • Dependency management – making it easier to stay updated and manage dependencies in your smart contract environment
  • Simplifying integration – easing the integration of OpenZeppelin contracts with other tools and systems
  • Mastery of best practices – keeping abreast of evolving best practices and standards in smart contract development
  • Expanding documentation – providing more comprehensive guides and support materials
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We welcome your ideas and feedback – share them with us!