Webinar: Introduction to OpenZeppelin Defender - Wednesday 10 March 2021

Webinar: Automate your Ethereum operations with OpenZeppelin Defender

:cinema: Defender product demo
:bulb: Lowering user risk with Defender and Contracts
:shield: DevSecOps for Ethereum (DevOps + SecOps)
:speaking_head: Live Q&A with our team
:clock12: Wednesday noon PT/3pm ET/8pm UTC

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Does anyone has link for this webinar recording ?
If yes please share it

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Hi @Sumit_Patel,

We run the Introduction to OpenZeppelin Defender every Wednesday to introduce the community to Defender and show what is new. We don’t currently have a recording. I hope you can join us on Wednesday.

We also have recaps of our Workshops, with the workshop on Sentinels coming out this week: