Add support to create proposals through the OpenZeppelin Defender within a Foundry project


I was searching for way to create proposals (e.g. upgrade proposals) that require approval from a multisig wallet through the OpenZeppelin Defender on a Foundry project but couldn't find anything out there.

Opened an issue on the openzeppelin-foundry-upgrades, as I thought that's the best place to add it, with two examples of how it's currently integrated on a Hardhat project.

You can check it here:

Looking forward to your feedback!

Hey Gabriel,

Thanks for submitting the issue in the Github repo. Similar to what is currently supported for Hardhat, which I see you're already using based on the links provided, we will be looking to add the option to deploy and upgrade through Defender shortly.

Hi @zanbel ,

Thanks for your feedback. Sounds great! Looking forward to giving it a try once it's ready. Best of luck with it!

+1 here, the ability to deploy smart contracts with a Foundry script using a relayer would be very useful, same with proposing upgrades/actions.

Is there an ETA on these features? even approx?


We've made an initial preview available of deployments from Foundry scripts using Defender, see

This is limited at the moment to non-upgradeable contracts without constructor arguments, but we will be adding enhancements soon to expand upon this. Any feedback would be welcome.