Sepolia Faucet no works

I am trying to receive some ETH for the Sepolia testing network. I am using the following Faucet: but I never get anything.
Is it the official one? Is there any task I don't know about to receive ETH?

I found one that works by tweeting. Do you know of one that doesn't require social networking?

This is Alchemy's free Sepolia faucet. If needed, you can get more Sepolia from it every day


This is not working for me

You must have an Alchemy account for it to work.
Create it and then your Sepolia Faucet will work.

hey please tell why this is not working for me ? It always says
" Oops! This request failed and we have notified the team. Please try again later or reach out to us on our Discord or fillout this form to share your feedback or issue."