Sentinel - multiple email/slack messages per condition trigger

I am receiving multiple messages for each met condition (event / transaction) although I have set "Sentinel triggers this many times" = 1

Anybody else experiencing this ?

Hey @sven.meyer! The sentinel triggers this many times means how many times the sentinel has to see a matching transaction within a time window to send you an alert. For instance, you can configure a sentinel to only send you an alert if it matches 10 txs within an hour. If you set 1, it will alert you as soon as it matches a tx.

@spalladino Thanks for clarifying.
However I get ~3 notification for each event , slack and email

That's odd. Could you share an example of a transaction that's triggering 3 emails for you, as well as the sentinel name? If you can share the emails themselves, even better. Feel free to send this to in case you don't want to share here in the forum.

Hey @sven.meyer! We have indeed identified an issue regarding multiple notifications, and have just rolled out a fix. Please keep us posted if you run into this again!