Sentinel email notifications persist after paused and removed

Hi team! I created a Sentinel to listen for contract events and deliver an email notification for the event. This is a highly active event on a widely used contract which quickly began flooding my inbox. I attempted to throttle the notifications but this didn't slow them down. I paused the Sentinel but that didn't work. I deleted the Sentinel which also has not worked. Still receiving a high rate of emails after about an hour.

:computer: Environment

OZ Defender Sentinel - sending email notifications when specific event occurs.

:1234: Code to reproduce

Pasted contract address into main screen, selected mainnet.
On next screen selected single event, specified notification email address.
Had not yet included filters or Autotask linking.

Hey @teamjp! I checked the Defender account registered under your email, and there was a massive spike of about 1800 (1789 to be precise) emails sent to your inbox roughly between 16.15 and 17 hs UTC today (roughly 2hs ago). Those emails have already been delivered and are out of our system, so there's not much we can do from our end.

I'd suggest you set up an email rule to automatically archive them until they are all processed by your email provider. And keep us posted if you end up receiving over 1800 of them.

@spalladino Thank you! That makes perfect sense, it does seem that they've stopped now. Appreciate the quick response.

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