Sentinel data conditions


I am trying to find a way to trigger a sentinel on specific Events.
I want them to trigger only if the event has a certain piece of data.
An example on etherscan : monitor QueueTransaction events, trigger only if data contains function signature _setContributorCompSpeed(address,uint256)

not sure how if this is possible for the moment ? Thanks for the help

Hey @bjornD2! This should be doable with Sentinels. Create a new Sentinel for Mainnet on address 0x6d903f6003cca6255d85cca4d3b5e5146dc33925 (the one that emitted the event), and choose to match on QueueTransaction events where signature == "_setContributorCompSpeed(address,uint256)" as shown below:

You can use the Test conditions sidebar to verify that the tx you shared is correctly picked up:

Hope this helps!

Thank you @spalladino,

was not using the right expression, seems like == is the only possible operator for now ? Any plans on allowing != ?

You can use NOT (x == y) for testing inequality