Sending Coins to Pancakswap Liquidity with each transaction

I have some mind-boggling doubts regarding liquidity. I am quite a neophyte so please pardon me.

  1. I want to send some part of each transaction towards liquidity, but I am not sure how to do it. My contract currently has “distribute to holders” feature but I wanted to add the “send to pancakeswap liquidity” feature to add some part to liquidity.

  2. Will only the Token will be sent to liquidity or even some BNB’s from the users address? Because liquidity needs both in some ratio right?

  3. If the amount goes towards liquidity after each transaction, who will actually be the owner of the LP tokens we get by adding liquidity.

I sugget to check Safemoon code. They have a fee for redistribution and one for liquidity

The contract will swap half of tokens in its balance for bnb and then send these with the other half of tokens to pancake

The owner of the token I think.