Send alert (email) from Autotask

I'd like to trigger an email alert from within the Javascript autotask code. I'm thinking this is maybe obvious and I'm just missing it. I'd like to achieve this within the Defender framework, like using a Relay or triggering a Sentinal. Is there a pattern for this that I'm missing? Many thanks!!

Hi @j2abro

What's the flow you're looking at currently? Does the notification have to be triggered on a condition from within the autotask?

You can setup a Sentinel to trigger an email alert based on some on-chain activity, and use your autotask as an additional "filter" to decide wether or not to trigger the alert. You can also setup the Sentinel to trigger another autotask together with your email alert.

For more information, have a look at our documentation about Sentinels.

Hope that helps!