Create notification (like a sentinel) when a scheduled autotask returns a certain value


Is it possible to create a notification (eg discord, like a sentinel can) based off the return value from a scheduled autotask?

Right now, I can create a separate sentinel and alert based off the on-chain action the autotask performed (when mined, based off evm events), but I'd really like to also create an alert when my autotask performs a certain action.

It would be a great use case to handle where I can alert based off the action the autotask attempted.

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:1234: Code to reproduce

export async function handler(event: AutotaskEvent): Promise<MyReturnValues> {
    if (someFunc()) {
        return { 
            'raiseAlert': true,
            'foo': 'bar',
    } else {
        return { 
            'raiseAlert': true,
            'foo': 'blah',

Hi @frontier

This feature is currently in development, and it should be published in upcoming weeks(before end of year).


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