Configure sentinel to trigger alert when autotask fail

I want to create sentinel to trigger alert when an autotask fail.
How to do that ?

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Hi @kbhargav5, currently sentinels can only detect transactions and events on the blockchain or Forta alerts, so it's not possible to have them react to autotask executions.

May I ask you what are you trying to do? If you're trying to send notifications as a result of an autotask failure, for now you'll have to code that in the autotask itself. We plan to add the ability to trigger notifications to your set up channels (email, slack, telegram, discord, etc) from autotask code, although we don't currently have a timeline for that.

we want to know when an autotask fails. we have created sentinels for events and contract methods but autotask fails when there are no funds in relayer, calling to external api fails, sometimes I get aws instance issue. In these cases we want to know that autotask failed, because we are running daily jobs(once a day) with autotask and it misses for a day it will be an issue.

Got it, thanks for the additional details. Defender does send an email notifying of Autotask failure to all collaborators in your team. The email looks like this:

The autotask "Upkeep invariant checker" run has failed. More details at

It will be sent only upon the first failed run after a successful run, to avoid spamming.

Are you aware of those emails?

yes, but these alerts will be sent to only signed in account. not for many emails

@MartinVerzilli there is one issue with sentinels. am using sentinels for triggering any failed transactions, am using using autotasks for invoking txns, the failed txns in autotask are not sent to blockchain and hence sentinels are not sending any triggers for failed transactions. Because of this only the success txns from autotasks are working with sentinels

Hi @kbhargav5, I understand. As mentioned above, at the moment you can't trigger notifications from autotasks, although it's a feature we'll eventually add to Defender.

But until we get to ship that, you might be able to work around your issue by calling some third-party API that will send the notification for you (you can see an example of how to add custom dependencies to your Autotask runtime here:

Thanks @MartinVerzilli one more issue I see with autotask, sometimes I get error "request timed out". Is this because of AWS centralised services ?