Noob solidity dev needs help to build a simple contract

i'm trying to build a very simple contract but have almost zero skills with solidity. if i see an "infinite gas" warning in remix again i will explode. is there anyone in here who knows their way around ethereum and has nothing better to do than help me with this project? it really is very simple, only has one main function. i thought i had the code ready (with the help of a gpt) but remix doesn't agree. i can't pay a dev right now, maybe when/if the next bull market is raging i'll be rich again... help? please...

the logic for the function is done and the code seems ok, the trouble i'm having is incorporating my function into an ERC20 token that will work properly. does anyone know of a good tutorial to create a simple erc20 token using recent versions of solidity? the tutorials i tried following are using an old obsolete compiler and solidity version, as a result i can't even produce a standard erc20, which i need to do before i can add my function to it.

I can help you.
Could you share your requirements?

thanks. to begin with i guess i'm just looking for a template i can copy/paste into remix that will create a functional ERC20 token. once i have that i should be able to add my crazy functionality, hopefully without breaking anything... sorry for such a noob question.

hey @eejit
check this out. It can help you

perfect. thanks. hopefully i won't get stuck again and need to revisit this thread, but chances are i'll be back