ERC-20 Tokens

I want to use this protocol: ERC-20 Tokens, someone could help me to run this for my next token?

Welcome @philou2016 to the forum! I can see they shared with you the OpenZeppelin intro to tokens in another topic, I hope that’s enough.

Let us know if you have further doubts :slight_smile:

Thanks guy for this return but there is not a guide to. Implement this?

I would make a similar approach of this platform:

For this aim:

allow users to buy and sell the crypto currency

One crypto for one vote limited to 20% of total investment

Allow users to get involved in their club via exclusives (choice of the jersey, meeting, relay match via partnership) etc.

Several football professional club follow me when the money will be fine. (ASSE, Lille, OL)

I need tutorial of helping of all the community because I m développer but not an expert of blockchain.

Thanks guy I wait your suggestions

Le mar. 30 avr. 2019 à 19:06, martriay via Zeppelin Community a écrit :

I think the previous guide covers the basics of tokens, what do you think it’s missing? How can we improve it?

Maybe you need a primer on smart contract development, you can start here:

Let me know if it helps :slight_smile: