ERC1400, explained

Hello Zeppelins,

It’s the blockchain week here in Paris and there was a lot of talk about using the blockchain to “tokenize assets” and what not. Seems like the financial world is really into that kind of stuff and this year is expected to grow a lot.

After a bit of research I came across this:

And companies like ConsenSys already implementing it:

This is just a thread where we can gather our thoughts on this standard which seems to hold a lot of potential. So the first questions from my part would be:

what are your general thoughts on security tokens?
Do you know of any other instances where the ERC1400 has been successfully used?
And what are the things to be aware of when working with ERC1400?

Looking forward to hear your opinion and read any info on the subject :slight_smile:

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@Bleier Nice to see you sharing information with the community :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ll try to be more involved now :slight_smile:

I’m analyzing Consensy’s Dauriel Network code atm and it seems to be working just fine after (all the tests are passing), but I haven’t actually tried it in an actual test network like rinkeby or interacted with it… Looks very promising though.

Do you know if OpenZeppelin is thinking about implementing ERC1400? If so, I’d gladly contribute to that project.

Moving this from #support to #general :slight_smile: