(S) Developer for BEP20 Token. Task 1 Week, good payment, clear instructions

:white_check_mark:ONLY APPLY if You can solve this within 1 week​:white_check_mark:

You nee to create a basic BNB BEP20 token with one of the following 3 functions:
(The token ONLY needs ONE out of these 3 functions, whichever is the easiest)

  1. Only the token contract creator address can provide liquidity (for example by whitelisting and allowing only the contract creator address to provide liquidity OR by automatically blacklisting all other addresses except the contract creator address from providing liquidity)


  1. Anyone who wants to provide liquidity for the token needs to meet a minimum amount (For example 10 BNB)


  1. Only certain liquidity pairs are allowed (For example only the liquidity pair token/BNB is allowed)

The token name, token supply etc. will be discussed once we agreed to work together!

I hope to work with You shortly!

Warm Regards


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Hey @love
I would like to discuss about your requirements

Hi @love
If you would like to know my prices please get in touch.

How do I get in touch with you?

What is your telegram?

I do not use telegram, you can message on here or I can provide an email address.

Hey, i can do that :slight_smile: feel free to contact me on discord ( Nova#5147 ) or TG @Tfll123