Paying 1 BNB for simple help with making a small modification to my contract

Hey guys, I paid someone on Fiverr to create a BEP-20 token for me and it is totally completed, but there is one thing I need added to the contract before I launch.

I would like a marketing wallet where 1% of every transaction buy/sell/send is sent to this wallet in the form as bnb not the coin itself. I have seen it done before, I will pay 1 bnb to anyone who can add the necessary code to my contract and another bnb for guidance testing and deploying the contract.

I know what I am doing for the most part and can read solidity fairly well but it's kind of like Spanish to me where I can understand it but not speak it.

Please reach on here or text me at 847-902-4696 and I will send you the code I already have, alternatively you could build me a contract from scratch, pretty simple.

4% reflect
4% liquidity
1% marketing

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Hey, send me a dm on tg @OCPRobocop

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Hi swap tokens for BNB during buys is not doable. For the rest I can help

If still needed reach out, can complete all requirements and also can deploy and guide you through the launch process.