Review Burn clause in ERC20 contract

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I am more of an investor than a developer. I am writing to see if any of you could give our investing community some info on the two token contracts below. We want to see if there is actually a functional burn clause in either of these contracts. Our belief is that the developer tanked our project and ran with the money. But, we aren’t sure. Could you review the two contracts below and let me know if either has a working burn clause and terms of them. Any info would be much appreciated.

Contract 1:

Contract 2:

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Hi @Broke_Best,

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Looking at the ERC20 token used by the contracts, it appears to extend the OpenZeppelin Contracts ERC20 implementation.

The ERC20 doesn’t appear to call the internal _burn function which would reduce an accounts balance by the burned amount, reduce the total supply and emit a Transfer event.

:warning: I am not a security researcher, and only did a check for use of the _burn function. I am a Community Manager.

This doesn’t mean that tokens can’t be transferred beyond use such as to an address where the private key is not expected to be found.

Some possible examples of such addresses could be: or

With any project, I recommend doing appropriate research and only invest resources (time and funds) that you can afford to lose.

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Thank you for helping me.

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