I really need help

Somehow my wallet got hacked 1.5 eth bought some token but the contract seems ..... different.

My address is


The token that was purchased contract is 0xB513898AffAD3DAd3Df23561A259bf6eD4eB1E0c

It's a stretch but I'm praying someone will look at it and tell me what the heck happened?

I can't find the transaction where 1.5 eth are stolen. Can you share it please

Is it this:

From what I see, you never had 1.5 ETH, but BONE deployer bought tokens for 1.5ETH and sent to you

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.........I'm a total noob. Is that what that means????? My shiba inu tokens have deff Been stolen but that's for another time. What can I do about this contract here? I'll pay you if like, there's profit in it?

I second this, as far as i can see address 0xf078df99d79a00b4be61a730dd997c7e551e985e bought 1.5ETH of BONE ( contract is indeed 0xB513898AffAD3DAd3Df23561A259bf6eD4eB1E0c, but it doesnt seem "different" to me) and sent them to you. Can you provide the transaction id of the event you're describing? like your shib tokens being stolen.

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