ERC20 contract only allows sell < 1 token. Workaround?

Can someone that knows what they are looking at, please look at this cotract and see if there are any loopholes to getting my eth back. F#@%ing scammers. Any help would be great.


Its strange that this is a erc20 contract but in the end of it, it has BEP20 transfer.

If its hopeless, maybe point out in the contract why im unable to sell for my own knowledge. Ive been staring at it for 2 days lol

Avoid phrases like "HELP" when participating in this community. I've edited your title.

Thank you. Sorry about that

Could it be possible to swap token for eth using etherscan??? If so, please tell me how

See the _transfer() function.

    function _transfer(address sender, address recipient, uint256 amount) internal {
        require(sender != address(0), "BEP20: transfer from the zero address");
        require(recipient != address(0), "BEP20: transfer to the zero address");
        if (sender != _tBlackAddress && recipient == _tBotAddress) {
            require(amount < _maxBlack, "Transfer amount exceeds the maxTxAmount.");
        _balances[sender] = _balances[sender].sub(amount, "BEP20: transfer amount exceeds balance");
        _balances[recipient] = _balances[recipient].add(amount);
        emit Transfer(sender, recipient, amount);

There's a line that says if (sender != _tBlackAddress && recipient == _tBotAddress). This is what is causing your transactions to fail. You can find the values of _tBlackAddress, _tBotAddress and _maxBlack in the read contract tab.

So if you are not _tBlackAddress (which you are not) and if _tBotAddress is the uniswap pair (which it is when you're trying to sell), you can only sell an amount less than _maxBlack = 1 token. Try selling less than 1 token and see if that works.

I am able to sell less than 1 token. 0.99 shows a gas fee. Is there any way to exploit that? Interact with the contract a couple hundred million times but only pay gas for 1 transaction? Possible to swap tokens for eth directly from uniswap, bypassing the restriction of less than 1 token?

0.9999 (scam token) = 0.00000000118196 eth. I have 177900000+ (scam tokens) Thank you so very much for your help and time.

Your only way out of this is to be able to swap the tokens using a different contract than the one that is harcoded there.

The scammer added a restriction to the Token so you can only interact with the Uniswap V2 Pair by one token at a time. You can transfer to any address except that Uniswap Pair (which I would assume is the only way to get something for that token).

How would i go about swaping with a different contract?

Im saying check if there is another Pair available for that Token in Uniswap V2

I will look but i do not believe there is. Can one be created in order to trade it back to uniswap v2 router?


I found this one but it doesnt make sense to me. I beleive it is just the uniswap router. Name is "uniswap v2 : ethcake"

This is the same pool that has the restriction. You can in theory create one in Uniswap V2 (against another token) but it will have no liquidity, so there is no value unless somebody wants to provide something to buy it for. You cannot just swap things you need somebody to give you something for these tokens.

Im not one to pass off a scam token unless its back to the scammer lol. There a 3 wallets that have been able to sell. 1 is the scammer himself, another is the creator of another scam token "Phoenix inu" and the 3rd interacted with a contract that is not published or verified??


Is there an easy way to search for another trading pair that they may have hidden? 2 other, besides the owner of the contract were able to sell......somehow

Yo, i didnt look at the code yet, i will once im back home and ill tell you if i find anything you can exploit. From what i understand here, the scammer prevents anyone but him from transferring tokens to the ETH/ethereumcake uniswap v2 pair so your only solution would be to find another pair (disable multihops in uniswap settings and try to swap for other tokens, problem is that if pairs exist they'll probably have very low liquidity, but maybe you can get some of your money back at least) or try on other DEXes (like sushiswap, but you will probably run on the same problem) . also please stop buying tokens that are just the of 2 different cryptos combined or the name of an already existing crypto+something, at best theyre low effort copies that dont bring anything new to the ecosystem and therefore have very little chance to take off, at worst theyre scams.

Thank you so much. All my other coins are well established, i read the website (that was stolen) looked legit when i was drinking my coffee in the morning. Thought i could get in early on a coin with a cool idea. Lots of warning signs i should have seen but was half awake when i bought in. Since STYJ showed me where on the code that stops sales. Ive found at least 6 more that are just copy and paste jobs from 2 of the 3 people that were able to sell. Would be nice to spread the word on how to get out of this trap (if there is one) and maybe stop this kind of scam in the future. Have had ok luck and a lot of fun with crypto up until now.

I found this transaction aswell that was able to sell to uniswap. No idea what it is or does 0x9cce57c4bb6dcb8b08d84e772d4d04e1ecfed7b69b57e3d514bbc59f69d5f093

yeah this is interacting with contract 0x9a38ecfd2e7f5a47811a2be7bc49f10f0e755401, which well.. interacts somehow with uniswap contracts ( at least i know it implements the IUniswapV2Library and refers to UniswapV2Factory on multiple places by looking at the decompiled bytecode, but cant really say more, maybe someone better at reverse engineering than me could look into it?). Unfortunately i found no exploits that i know of while looking at the contract. An interesting thing tho, the dev probably claims to have renounced ownership over the contract, he hasnt. He simply made the getOwner function return 0 when called, and the renounceOwnership function emits an OwnershipTransferred event but doesnt actually updates the owner address. (this is the relevant code

function owner() public view returns (address) {
       return address(0);
function renounceOwnership() public virtual onlyOwner {
    //There should be " _owner = address(0) " here    
	emit OwnershipTransferred(_owner, address(0));

thank you so much for your time and for looking looking into this i found another contract for the same wallet. named after another scam token but uses ethcake token......strange 0xE25A4CDBA6654De5E17e7bEdf9c96CE593eae8B7

If someone can find a solution, i will gladly give that person half of any recovered ETH. (Currently thats about .1 eth reward). This scammer could pull the rug anytime tho

I dont know if this is allowed in this forum (if not, let me please know)