Dev Wanted - Q&A Session required for ERC20 Smart contract

Good morning all,

I have a smart contract that I have deployed and tested:

I have some very basic, but specific questions around this contract that should be easy to answer.

  1. The buy tax - there should be a 10% buy and 10% sell tax on this contract. - I can only see the tax working automatically on the SELLS on etherscan. I thought the tax was activated on the buys as well - have I missed something?

  2. "Setbots" function - when trying to blacklist an address I am getting a continued error when trying to use this function in remix. I have tried pasting the address into the box on its own, with brackets around it etc etc and it won't let me do it. I believe this is a simple format error from my end!

I have a few other questions, mainly basic Q&A that would be best suited for someone familiar with these types of contracts.

30mins / hour paid


Hey @GriffithsJohn
you should verify the code first otherwise we can't help

hello sir, apologies

contract redeployed and verified.


If you mean that you see the ETH sent to wallets only on sell is normal. You can't swap on BUY.

It requires an array

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Feel free to connect with me on telegram @lekman2010

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