Required information when requesting support for Upgrades Plugins

When asking questions related to the Upgrades Plugins, you may be directed here to gather logs and files from your environment in order to receive support. This represents a minimum set of information that is needed for us to begin investigating your issue.

If asked to do so, please gather the following information and include it in your post/thread by copying the text from the corresponding files or console output, and pasting them as snippets using blockquotes, for example:
pasted text

Required Information

1. Debug logs

Enable debug logging by running the following command:

export DEBUG=@openzeppelin:*

After debug logging is enabled, re-run your script or command that was encountering an issue, then copy and paste all of the console output into your post.

2. Network file

Provide the network file for the network that you are using. This is a file in the .openzeppelin folder and is named as either <network_name>.json or unknown-<chain_id>.json.

3. Hardhat or Truffle config file

If using Hardhat, provide the hardhat.config.js or hardhat.config.ts file.

If using Truffle, provide the truffle-config.js file.

CAUTION: Ensure you remove any sensitive data (such as API keys or private keys or seed phrases) from your config files before sharing them.

3. Script(s)

Provide the Hardhat or Truffle scripts that are encountering the issue.

4. Command that was run

Provide the exact command that you are using to run your script.

5. Addresses

If contracts were deployed to a mainnet or testnet, provide the following addresses:

  • Proxy address
  • Implementation addresses before the upgrade and after (if applicable)

6. Installed versions of packages

  • Provide the versions of the packages that you are using (Contracts, Hardhat, Truffle, plugins).

  • Also provide the installed version of @openzeppelin/upgrades-core:

npm list @openzeppelin/upgrades-core

7. Implementation contract(s)

If you can share your contract source code publicly, please provide the source code for the original and updated versions of your implementation contract(s).

Otherwise, provide code snippets (or simplified examples) for the parts of your implementation contract(s) that are relevant to the issue.