Upgrades Plugins: Support for beacon proxies

OpenZeppelin Upgrades Plugins are the recommended way for users to deploy and manage their upgradeable contracts. They augment your Hardhat or Truffle setup with the ability to upgrade your contracts. If you’re new to the plugins, check out the documentation.

To deploy upgradable contracts, three different proxy patterns are available: UUPS, transparent, and beacon proxies. With UUPS and transparent proxies, each instance of an upgradeable contract is upgraded individually. With beacon proxies, any number of contract instances can be upgraded to a different implementation in a single transaction by upgrading the beacon that they are using.

In the latest versions of the plugins, beacon proxies are now supported in addition to the UUPS and transparent proxy patterns that were previously available!

To get started with OpenZeppelin Upgrades Plugins or for examples on how to deploy beacon proxies, have a look at one of the following short guides:

If you’re already a user, update to the latest version with:

  • npm install @openzeppelin/hardhat-upgrades@latest
  • npm install @openzeppelin/truffle-upgrades@latest

Feel free to leave any comments below. Let us know your thoughts!

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