Token frozen completely, LP is still active and locked, no buys/sells possible, dev does not know why?


today during the BSC and PCS slowdown a token I invested in stopped operating at all, no transactions can be found since about 12 hours and the dev says he does not know what causes this.

The liq is still in place and locked, ownership is renounced.

We get a weird ‘Transfer_Failed’ error and can’t even get to the gas/slippage screens - I’ve never seen this Pancake error before.

I would be really glad if anyone could check out what’s going on and help me out:



Liquidity Lock:

Thank you very much

Hello @w00pw00p I’m sorry to read that! But this is a smart contract development community, not sure this is on topic. You might want to look for help in BSC forums

This is a SafeMoon fork issue.

Please refer to

It’s either SwapAndLiquify needs to be set to False or MaxTxPercent needs to be set to 100.

If you have rejected ownership then you likely cannot get the liquidity back.