Remix now shows me an "infinite gas message"

I have deployed countless contracts with Remix, now suddenly even the simplest OpenZeppelin ERC20 contracts show an infinite gas message. Tried NFTs also, same, the IDE UI shows an infinite gas error. Tried multiple browsers, and even a second computer. Something is wrong, not sure if there is a bug in REMIX or there is an issue with OpenZeppelin code, but 100% there is a bug here.

And in your opinion, can this question be answered without the contract code being provided?

yes, most people will understand ERC20 OpenZeppelin code on REMIX generates this issue.

In case the hint in my previous comment wasn't clear enough, you need to share exactly what ERC20 version you're using (either a link to GitHub or the actual source code), as well as what input parameters you're passing in the deployment transaction (both for the contract constructor and for the transaction itself).

I agree the question needs a bit of work