Ethereum Goerli testnet Relayer stuck

Ethereum Goerli tesntet relayer used to be working. But around 1.5 weeks ago, it starts to get stuck and not broadcasting transactions at all. We've checked that we have enough goerli ether balance and the gas price on goerli is pretty low. Here is our relayer id: 8ff6bf9d-5a1b-4ce2-ac46-5b3eaf334a83

:computer: Environment

We are sending txs via Defender API to relayer.


:1234: Code to reproduce

Hi @while1 we're currently investigating this issue and will get back to you soon.

After investigating the issue, we believe that we have a compatibility problem with flashbots and are currently working on code improvements to fix it.


It's been more than 2 months. Any updates?

I'm getting same problem on Sepolia. I can see long unconfirmed transactions list. Tried to increase the gas and resend with same nonce but it doesn't work.

I'm sorry that you have to experience the same thing. I guess OZ engineering lead doesn't care enough to fix this.