Open Zeppelin Defender

Hey, we have been facing an issue with our Defender relayers lately. After sending a transaction to Relay, the transactions are just queued and not broadcasted to the blockchain.

We tried to replace transactions in order to clear the queue, but that did not work either.

We ultimately had to create new relayers and use them instead. Our funds are still stuck in the old relayers and we are unable to withdraw it due to queued txs. Here are the IDs of relayers we faced this issue with :

Relayer IDs :

  1. Arbitrum : 32e1ff10-9b44-498b-8ff9-f26c3c2fde75
  2. Arbitrum : 27519e24-12f2-42ff-904e-ec56dbcf3ba5
  3. Optimism : d3f2f064-65bc-4980-8a62-4526d4c3077f
  4. Aurora : 20044977-8419-4f7f-adb1-d520456882f4

We would really appreciate if you can help us in understanding and fixing this issue. And, also in recovering our funds stuck on the relayers.

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Hi @ShreyKeny

Apologies for the inconvenience. We are investigating this issue. To help you as fast as possible, could you provide us with the lowest nonce (for each relayer), from the point it got stuck? You should be able to see this in the first column of the "unconfirmed transactions" table. This will help us track down the transaction that's causing the subsequent transactions to get stuck.

Thank you!

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Hey, Arth here from same team. Here are the nonces for all our stuck relayers.






Hey @nami, thanks for the fast reply!

Can you please check the nonce numbers shared by @arthcp?

Hi @ShreyKeny @arthcp,

We're still investigating why these transactions got stuck. Meanwhile, to unblock your relayer, are you happy with me cancelling the stuck transactions for each of your relayers?

Hey @nami,

That would be great! Please do cancel all the transactions in the queue on each of these relayers.

Please do let us know once it's done. Thank you!

Also @nami,

We'd really appreciate if we can set up a group chat between our teams ASAP. I can share my TG / Discord if you DM-ed me here.

We've also reached out via the defender email & filled in the inquiry form. So, just escalating it here as well :slight_smile:

We're heavily relying on Defender Relay and running into issues quite frequently lately. We'd really appreciate dedicated support to resolve these immediately!

Hi @ShreyKeny

I have deleted all pending transactions on all relayers. Let me know if you run into any more issues.

As for a group chat, I will loop in Jack on the email thread who can further assist you with that :slight_smile:

Hey @nami, really appreciate the help!

Hoping to hear from you guys soon about the group chat. Thanks a lot!