My Relayer in Defender seems to have stuck txs

My Defender relayer is not confirming transactions, we have it setup as a faucet to distribute funds to arbitrum Goerli Testnet users.

It currently sits at this url

It also did not confirm nonces and then attempted to resubmit them for the same users.

:computer: Environment
Using Relayer and the defender api


:1234: Code to reproduce
There is not really code to reproduce I just need my pending txs cancled so we can try to resubmit

I also have funds that are stuck in this wallet because of this.

Hi @Dakra_Mystic -

We've had a number of issues with Relayers on Arbitrum Goerli testnet that we just issued a release to help resolve. The best course of action for you is likely to clear this Relayer. If you would like to do so, please send us an email with the email associated with your account to and request to clear this Relayer