Recycling App: Pay people, to pick up garbage

Hello everybody,

As a reminder of my presentation, I am a beginner developer in solidity and smart contract, but I am hopeful to progress quickly.

I would like to tell you today about my project which has not yet started, but whose design bases seem essential to me to build something relevant and solid.

The ethereum blockchain and openzeppelin seem to me to be two effective options for creating my tools. I don’t think I have enough experience and technical knowledge yet to have all the keys to understanding this project, so I leave it to you to give me relevant ideas and perspectives on the possibilities of this solution.

The goal is pretty crazy. I summarize in a single sentence: “Pay people, to pick up garbage

The concept is therefore easy to understand. The idea would be to push the population to find financial and participatory interest in collecting rubbish and waste. This raises a lot of questions and problems. I haven’t solved everything, but I have part of the thinking.

This would be done using a mobile app, developed using the React.Js / React Native JavaScript framework. The Ionic cross-platform framework is also a possible solution.

The back end, the very logic of the application, is a blockchain. Either dependent on the Ethereum parent blockchain in the form of a smart contract, or more independent, a bit like a sidechain, or even following the evolution of the Ethereum ecosystem. Do I have to create a Token? Did we really need to create it, I imagine so if we want to reward people for their actions. However, it is also possible to use a probably existing token or cryptocurrency.

Also, the nature of the token is technically of great importance. I need to be sure of his type.

People would use the mobile app to scan, like Google Vision, garbage (I don’t have the final process set yet), the idea is to estimate how much garbage the person is recycling. Then he gets a reward based on that.
The garbage could be collected in shops that recycle to make new items, or institutions like landfills that get rid of it.

To do this, I also need to find a way to intelligently spend this currency behind. Buying goods created from waste is a first idea. It is important that people maintain an interest in obtaining the reward, otherwise they will no longer collect trash. I think this is the essence of this project.

If this app were to work by one method or another, I am confident that it will bring positive benefits to the life and empowerment of everyone on this planet.

If you have any thoughts on any of this, please feel free, I hope I have been clear enough, I will write to you later when I have progressed on this project.

If my post is inappropriate in the wrong place, admin don’t hesitate to tell me,

Forgive my English, I’m not on top yet,

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Hi @Sheitak,

I think the concept of incentivizing greater recycling and increasing the market for recycled goods is interesting.

It wasn’t clear if you were looking to people picking up garbage from the street or whether it was incentivizing greater recycling in the home or in industry. It also wasn’t clear what type of items you were looking to recycle, whether it was glass/cardboard/paper/plastic etc.

I would suggest looking at container deposit schemes around the world to see how they work for incentivizing recycling and if they also involved marketplaces for recycled goods:

Given the value of items, you would need low cost transactions, so either a side chain (such as xDAI) or Layer 2.

You would need to look at the tokenomics whether you really needed your own token or could use the native currency of the blockchain you used.

I suggest having a look at: Points to consider when creating a fungible token (ERC20, ERC777)

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Yes ! I think it’s a really interesting concept and I would love to do something about it.

At first, I had the idea of ​​picking up trash on the floor. I am thinking of some countries like India where there is a lot of garbage and where encouraging people to work individually on this would be beneficial. But this actually raises a lot of issues,

Also, I had the idea to make glass containers “smart”. As you deposit your glass bottle, the container calculates and by scanning its code (bar, QR code) you obtain a remuneration according to,

Of course, as you say, encouraging an already existing sorting system would probably be the most affordable solution. Make waste reception centers more attractive, for example.

OK, we have to start small, probably the glass bottles or the recycling center

Thanks for these links! I will study this to strengthen my technical knowledge,

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