Presale Tokenomics


I'm starting a utility token and I'm trying to get the tokenomics right. What I want to achieve:

  • 10 private investors
  • 1% of supply to each investor
  • Each investor invests 1 bnb at a price of 1000 token per bnb
  • Launch price is 1 bnb for 750 tokens (25% premium over presale price)
  • Significant percent of supply locked in liquidity

My question is, is there any way to achieve the above tokenomics without a token burn? I've been playing around with the maths, and assuming no burn, to achieve the above I'd need to allocate:

  • 44.5% to liquidity pool
  • 10% to investors
  • 10% to team

This leaves a remainder of 35% supply. Would the idea then be to burn this supply and take it out of circulation?

Keen to know if I've understood it right, or if there's another way to achieve my goals.