BSC Liquidity/Token Price

Hello, while researching bscscan, I was wondering about the launch of tokens.

-I see entities called “deployer”, what is it and how does it work?

-The price of a token is set by the ratio of the bnb/token pair in the liquidity pool, how is this price chosen? Is it arbitrary?

I understand that the LP is usually fed by the BNB obtained during a presale. But the number of tokens put into circulation is not the same.


20% of the liquidity for sale

  • 1% for the presale
  • 19% for the public sale

To have a price higher or equal to the presale, 1% of the liquidity or less must be inserted in the pool with the bnb of the presale. How are the remaining 18% inserted into the circulating supply afterwards?

I have not been able to find any answers to these questions by searching the web.

Thank you!

You must decide it. Do the math based on presale price too

Of course, the question is how the price of the presale is determined… Is it just an arbitrary choice?

Do you mean the token price in the pancakeswap? I think it depends on the liquidity volume you add at first, for example, if you add 1 token and 1 BNB to the pool, then it means 1 token = 1 BNB, if you add 1 token and 100 BNB to the pool, then it means 1 token = 100 BNB, but actually, cause the liquidity is a little small, so there will be a large slippage,

No I understand well how an LP works. The ratio bnb/token allows to determine the price of the token. The question is how this price is determined upstream, for example how the price is determined at the presale. Does it correspond to technical reality?

Sorry, I am not sure what is your presale, if you add 100 your token and 1 BNB, and at that moment, 1 BNB = 100 UDSC, so 1 your token=1 USDC, but after 10 minuts to start sale, 1 BNB = 120 USDC, so now, 1 your token = 1.2 USDC. At the liquidity pool, actually, the price is dynamic.
Hope I have made myself clear.

yeah, the creator of the token just chooses the price he wants to sell it for

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