Opening Liquidity Positions original Deposit

I have created quite a few Liquidity pairs and

I am wondering, if I can, and howto remove my original position.

Let me be clear. I was the original creator for these pairs so I set the price AND added liquidity. I’ve removed and added and swaped. I get that. No problem there. Also I should point out that all interaction were through dapps web interfaces, (I didn’t use a contract of my own) I used DFYNswap or QUICKswap or COMETHswap and the like.

Typically for the first transaction (setting the price) I don’t put a high value, just the ratio to set the relative price, then Ill add more liquidity.

So I ve pulled out all the liquidity that I can but when I go to the various sites “charts,account, analytics” page it wil show my positions, usually with a majority of one token, sometimes some earned fees as well. But my only option is to add to what tokens I have left in there from setting the price. Typically there is little to no liquidity left, and its only me left in the pool or I was the only one ever in it but all of them add up to quite a bit.

Is there a way to remove these tokens using contracts? because there is no way through the websites(theres only an add button now).

I was thinking, since i used the dapp’s interface its there contracts and they are “the real” originators, not me, and I could have if I deployed my own contract to interface with the router or factory contract.

I would appreciated it if someone here is well veresed in such situations because internet searches and 100000 lame ass youtube videos telling me about how to add liquidity to uniswap are not getting me anywhere.
I am an ElecEng and I know I need to take the time to do some developing (and am capable) but just do’nt find the time. I’d probably make more profit creating tools and services than using them anyway!

Thank you in advance