Unable to remove liquidity from token/token pair on uniswap

I added liquidity to my token I recently deployed on GOERL testnet using uniswap, I can buy the token from uniswap on trying to buy from other DEX like sushiswap, it says "No Trade Found".

The main issue now is, I cant remove the liquidity I added so I can use other platforms to test it out.

Token on etherscan: https://goerli.etherscan.io/address/0x56207a637414da224a1fa9dc9c27f7f626c88bea

Link to the when I added liquidity: https://goerli.etherscan.io/tx/0xdecf877743fecc83eac3cd648dd76cc64b353e7aafc9d400c10560370b2d5b09.

I dont whaty I am doing wrong.

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How are you trying to remove the liquidity? Via a web interface or the etherscan interface?

There may be something wrong with the code or router being used.

If you added liquidity only to uniswap is normal that you can't trade on other dex.

If you have issue removing liquidity, can yiu try to remove with WETH

Fron your code looks like you are using wrong router address for uniswap. Try to disable the swap and remove liquidity

I have tried to use WETH to remove but it didn't work.
Are there other methods?

II used uniswap interface bro

Again, it seems I used uniswapv2pair and the uniswapv2router and I added the liquidity using uniswapv3 and uniswapv3Router, is that suppose to be a problem

Where did you get this address: 0x1b02dA8Cb0d097eB8D57A175b88c7D8b47997506

The uniswap V2 router is this one: 0x7a250d5630b4cf539739df2c5dacb4c659f2488d

i was searching for uniswapv2Router and that was what came up

Try with the one I sent you

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