Not able to get instance for Ethernaut challenges

Not able to get new instance in ethernaut challenges. I am on rinkeby test network and have done all the suggested chalnges but it is showing following error.

(-_- ;) Ethernaut contract not found in the current network. Please make sure (1) that you are using metamask, (2) that it's on the rinkeby testnet, (3) that it is unlocked, (4 optional) From November 2 you can turn ON privacy mode (OFF by default) in Metamask settings if you don't want to expose your info by default. (5 optional) If privacy mode is turn ON you have to authorized metamask to use this page. and (6) then refresh.
Error in RPC response:,request failed or timed out


I am having the same issue with Ethernaut.

'Ethernaut contract not found in the current network....'

I was on level 7 and everything was working fine a few days ago.

use Rinkeby Test Network rather than Ropsten Test Network :wink: