Ethernaut is down

Hello, the Ethernaut challenges are currently down and we really need them. Smart Contract security is so important, and Ethernaut is the best way to learn foundational basics.

There are new developers to Ethereum that are missing out because they cannot complete the Ethernaut challenges.

Can we get Ethernaut up and running ASAP? The previous UI was just fine.

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Emmmm, maybe just wait.

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Hi @hackingbeauty,

There is currently an issue with Ethernaut.

Unfortunately we don’t have the bandwidth to fix this at the moment, so we’ve put up a maintenance page until we can, or someone helps us with the necessary changes.

I’m willing to put the time in to fix this; however, I need to redo the Webpack config for the Ethernaut repo.

Please see my comment on the relevant ticket on Github:

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Hi @hackingbeauty, Ethernaut should be up again now. You’re welcome to participate in the GitHub issues to discuss any further improvements.


ETH is the king of the future

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Hi @Odette_Taylor,

Welcome to the community :wave: