Need help with ethernaut - test network Ropsten error

Hi everyone,

It appears that I’m stuck with configuring MetaMask for the game, I am
unable to attain eth from the test network Ropsten due to an error like
this. Switching test networks is not allowed.

Any help would be nice. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure where to put this since there is no ethernaut section yet.

Made a GH issue as well:

Hey redragonx! :slight_smile:

So apologies for the usual response, although have you tried removing MetaMask from Chrome and installing it again? It likes to bug out sometimes. Make sure you back up your private key in the process!!

Let me know!

Yo Ivan,

Thanks for the update. It shouldn’t be bugging out as it is my 1st time installing MetaMask for Chrome on this machine. I’ll try reinstalling it, but that’d be annoying for new users.

I got some ideas for you later as well. I texted you on signal. :slight_smile:

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Reinstalling MetaMask didn’t help :frowning:

I think there isn’t enough eth to make it work?

Hey! Apologies for the same response. Just saw someone run into the same problem, try instead :slight_smile:

Yeah that works fine! Sorta strange the game was pointing to instead


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