NFT or Tokens for company shares?

Hey guys,

I have a project in the works and I have some people interested in contributing. Since I don't have the capital, we decided to workout a deal. I create 100,000 tokens and I pay them every month for their contribution. Those tokens would eventually equate to 1 dollar per token and payment will be made when I begin generating revenue by transferring funds to the token holders. The question is, should I go with Token or an NFT for something like this? Is there a better way to do this?

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The tokens, it would be your best option, since you can create a contract where you deposit the (busd or tether) and they can claim that money according to the tokens they have in their wallet

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Thanks a ton Asmel for your input!

So I'm going with this token:

I leave you this small video tutorial that I created to successfully deploy an openzeppelin erc20 contract.

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You are the man!!!! Thank you for this :slight_smile: