Blockchain Experts, I need your attention on Fractional Ownership of NFT

In Real Estate NFTs, Each asset can cost us from $100,000 - $10,000,000.

I want allow buyers to own portion of NFT instead of buying whole asset.

Option 1:

Make ERC20 Ownership token and linked with NFT asset. NFT will be kept in vault and users will buy ownership tokens and can hold portion of NFT.

For 1 NFT, we make 1000 Ownership Tokens and sell these fungible supply.

If user is holding 1 ownership token, it means that he is holding 1/1000 ownership of original NFT

Option 2:

Make copies of NFT with respect to ownership tokens we want and sell copy of NFT directly instead on selling fungible supply.

1 NFT = 1000 Copy NFTs

If users holds 1 copy NFT that means that he is holding 1/1000 ownership of original NFT

@abcoathup and other team. Please suggest me which is the best practice.

I got a contract for that

So how will you suggest?

Make an erc20 ownership token linked to an nft stored in a vault

Am working on creating that service for anyone and I got the code ready with governance functionality to the erc20 ownership token holders

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can't you just use

Yes, it all depends on utilities for that token