NFT that yield ERC20 tokens to holders each day

Hi guys, i want to create a smart contract that have a supply of x NFT what people can mint and every 24 hours the NFT holders get x amount of ERC20 tokens. Like Cyberkongz contract but without the breeding and other extra functions.
Thanks for the help!

I'm looking for something similar.

I want to be able to send ERC20 or ETH to the holder of a specific NFT. Whenever the NFT exchanges ownership, the new owner will receive the assets.

Are there any Open Zeppelin contracts that can be used for this type of functionality?

Please post more details. What exactly is your question? The way you posted it is very generic.

Post the address of the contract you are basing on.

I already have a suggestion:

  • when the NFT switches ownership (this switch is a sellNFT function, for example), call a sendERC20 or sendETH function inside the swap function, and it will be she who will send the value to the new owner.
  • don't forget to set the ERC20 standard in your contract and inheritance the main contract as well.
  • sendETH will use transfer
  • sendERC20 will use transferFrom.

Post your code or what you have been able to do so far.