NFT minting website on BSC


I am working on a project, 5000 randomly generated NFT's on the BSC network.
I want a minting website where buyers can mint a random NFT for a price, receive that NFT and view or "reveal" it on the website. sort of like this:
I have some decent web development knowledge, however I haven't managed to find any documentation or tutorial on the BSC network.
I would appreciate it if someone could outline/ direct me in the direction I should go.
I'm willing to put time and effort in to make this work, I just need the right documentation.

Thank you!

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To develop on the Binance Smart Chain network, all the existing development environments for the Ethereum network serve you. Both the REACT - Truffle- Web3 package, and REACT -Hardhat - Ethers.js

If you are a web developer you will also know how to create a Dapp with other technologies, Vue, laravel, etc.

All the standard contracts of this community also serve you since the BEP20 contracts are clones of ERC20

It will be much easier for you to implement in this network since you do not need to connect to an api of a node. The connection to BSC is made through the metamask.

Follow any tutorial to develop contracts in Ethereum and you will only have to apply it to the BSC network


in contract Mint price set as 0.5 ether, so should we change "ether" with "bnb" or else?

I don't know if you mean the cost of gas for mining tokens. Gas is much cheaper in BSC than in Ethereum, as are other similar networks, such as Polygon or Solana.

If you refer to the cost that you will establish for buying each NFT, it may be the one you consider appropriate. You will simply charge in BNBs instead of Eths.

A BNB has the same structure as an ETHER, for example both have 18 decimal places, both are main tokens, therefore, there is no problem to transfer a contract standard such as ERC721 to the BSC network


Thanks for prompt response and explaining the things.

Sounds fantastic. Do you have any links to a video or documentation on such? I have only found this ( playlist which is what I need, however it's on the polygon network.


nice tuts. can we get it on BSC network?

Any tutorial on creating a Daap in ethereum is useful for BSC. The only thing that you have
to consider is the network configuration in your configuration file of your development environment.

For example, here you have the network configuration in a project in Hardhat:


networks: {
    localhost: {
      url: ""
    hardhat: {
    testnet: {
      url: "",
      chainId: 97,
      gasPrice: 20000000000,
      accounts: [`0x${PRIVATE_KEY}`]
    mainnet: {
      url: "",
      chainId: 56,
      gasPrice: 20000000000,
      accounts: [`0x${PRIVATE_KEY}`]

The rest is the same as deploying it on the Ethereum network

I recommend that you do a tutorial on creating a dapp for ethereum and adapt it for BSC.

For example, this:

For the front part, hit REACT if you don't know it. Although of course you can integrate the ethers.js or web3.js libraries in any project with node.js


Hey! Did you find any information on this? I am about to create a website also with a minting function for a fixed price but I haven't found anything useful for BSC other than this

But that's on Solana. Any ideas? We could work together on alternate projects and units our strengths hehe. We're too early here.

Edit: just found this for ETH

I developed Mint Dapp with ETH and BSC. I will share the link soon.

Yeah it would be helpfull if you could share your project :wink:

Cool projects. Wonder there are not too many nft projects on Binance Smart Chain despite the high-speed and low fees

Because opensea doesn't support BSC

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I've been lookong everywhere for this, thank you! Great to hear we can just adapt the ERC contracts.

One question that i cant find the answer to anywhere:
As we're using BSC and OpenSea doesn't support this, how do we connect the dots between our contract/NFTs (10k generated collection) to a BSC marketplace? I'm looking to upload my collection to a new Marketplace that hasnt been released yet, but will be built on BSC.

Any help would be extremely appreciative. Thank you :blush:

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its better you launch your marketplace where buyer can see minted nft, and put it on sell if they want.

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Its not a marketplace that Ive developed though, im waiting for a different project to launch it.

I will also have a collection of 10,000 NFTs so i dont want to mint them all myself and then list for sale, id like to allow the community to mint them through a Dapp, but then how would they view them on this new marketplace please? :blush: all tutorials ive seen thag do this, seem to automatically list the NFTs then on OpenSea, i dont understand where the link is to Opensea.

Thank you so much for your reply!

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Please how did you do that. How can I contact you?

exactly. You either gonna use a NFT marketplace platform to create, buy, sell NFTs or you create your own NFT marketplace platform where users can create, buy, sell NFTs easily.

They seem not to be compatible with each other.