Developer Wanted: Batch Minting NFT smart contract

We’re looking for a developer with experience in launching smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

We would like to create an ERC1155 contract and do a one time batch minting of a very large number of unique NFTs that we can sell on our website. The website is already in development, but we would like the applicant to help implement the metamask functionality, so buyers can buy each NFT individually.

The NFTs that we mint should include metadata and links to data stored on an IPFS that’s compatible with marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible, so anyone can easily resell it and have the marketplace pull in the necessary images and description. We can provide all the json files and images required for the minting.

It’s already possible to easily mint NFTs on several marketplaces, however we would like to have our own smart contract launched and do our own minting. The smart contract should be quite simple and straightforward, as it’s core functionality is just to facilitate the purchasing of our NFTs on our website.

To make sure everything will work before launching the NFT, we would like the developer to do a test launch with a smaller set of dummy NFTs to check, how much gas the minting costs and also if all the metadata hooks up automatically on OpenSea.

If the minting of 1 NFT costs more than $0.1, then we’ll need to adjust the smart contract, so the buyer does the actual minting.

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Hi @cgmarshall,

Welcome to the community :wave:.

Thanks for the detailed posting. Good luck with your search for a developer.

You could look at using _mintBatch to see if that met your needs or whether you needed a more custom implementation

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Hi, this is exacty what we're after too! Were you able to find a developer in the end?

Send me a dm @OCPRobocop on telegram

Hi send me dm @OCPRobocop

Hi, send me dm on telegram @OCPRobocop

Have done it multiple time, i can also randomised metadata if needed.
Contact me on telegram @inso42