Is the bsc testnet works the same as the mainnet?

Hey everyone!
So I made a token on bsc testnet and now I'm doing some tests.
My smart contract contains fees functions (Marketing, dividends, and liquidity fee).
The question is if I can make fees tests on the testnet, when I will hold my coin and make some trades I will get rewards(dividends) on testnet? also the marketing fee and liquidity fee works on the testnet?
Burn and mint work on testnet as well?

Please share your considerations when choosing the initial value of a token.
Is it better to make it cheap at the beginning or expensive?

Thank you!!

I am not a professional but from my experience you can't really make fee test or liquidity test on the testnet. fees could work if you do something like a deposit function and let's assume you get 1token per 1bnb and you instead give someone 0.9 tokens per bnb and send the other tokens to your wallet. But you can't add liquidity on the testnet so that wouldn't work. You can also try using a burning fee. So that 10% of the received coins automaticlly gets burned.