Does anybody want to have a discord group where we discuss smart contract functionality?


I would really like to make a tight nit community of people who want to seek out and debunk lines of code in token and smart contracts so that we can work on making the crypto community a safer/better place.

Longer version:

I have my own YT channel (Crypto Scene Investigation - CSI) which I use to try to help uncover the truth behind various projects and to educate those who may financially risky decisions. My hope is that by us working together, we can literally help change the cryptosphere to be less "scam-oriented" and more "utility-oriented".

I welcome any questions which you may have. Things I look for are mostly: Honeypot Risks, Fake Renounces, Hidden Mints, Ability to Increase The Supply Indefinitely, Changes to Tax Amounts, Suspicious Burn Functions etc.

Please feel free to private message me to ask any questions and we can exchange details going forward :slight_smile: