Crypto Trends 15 March 2021

Crypto Trends

A summary of the crypto trends for the week.

Downsides of Proof of Stake fast forward

Great editorial by Ben on the converging streams accelerating the move to Proof of Stake with a warning on the downsides.

Berlin upgrade and EIP-155 replay protection

Deploying to Ropsten (upgraded to Berlin) using Truffle and users ran into the enforcement of EIP-155 replay protection:

In the short term Alchemy and Infura made a workaround to remove the enforcement.

Truffle are working on a fix

Proposals that never made it

History of proposals that didn’t make it into Ethereum



OpenZeppelin are hiring:



NFTs were in multiple articles in the mainstream press

Discussions on the climate impact of NFTs (another stream for Proof of Stake)

Pre-ERC721 cat projects were rediscovered over the weekend. (no links)
(Disclosure I am friends with the team behind CryptoCats and I own a meta cat).

My suggestion is only buy art that you love, for a price that you can afford, and if you have rights, hang it on your wall and enjoy. The price of any collectible can go to zero if no one wants to collect it any more. My art budget is about $50.